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Reliable team, professional result.

We are experts in web development, online marketing, design and project management as well. We have relevant experience in solving complex tasks. We follow international trends to keep up with the latest technological innovations. You can be sure that our team is always up to date.

Our goal is to deliver all our projects at the highest standard to keep our clients fully satisfied.

We love challanges and we love our work. Let’s start working on your dream project today!

Balázs Tóth

CEO, Designer

To Balázs, it has always been important to make things match together perfectly, so aesthetics and harmony can be discovered in the smallest details of his work. Throughout his career, his projects have been pusblished on billboards, magazines and digital surfaces as well. He loves to participate in international projects, thus several logos, websites, designs and images can be associated with his name.

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Arpad Jo

CEO, Senior Developer

Árpi is a software developer who studied computer science at János Neumann University in Hungary. In his professional life, his main interest is FrontEnd development, but he also loves to deal with BankEnd tasks. Before founding WebLion with Balázs, he worked for large international companies so there he had the chance to gain practical experience in web development. He loves to dive deep into PHP or JavaScript. In his free time, Árpi loves hiking or biking.

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Ewelina Prosinska

Sales & Marketing

Ewelina has a very diverse personality. She has got international experience as well. At WebLion she manages the fields of sales and marketing.

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Zeusz is not interested in programming and marketing at all. However, he can be extremely creative if he is hungry or wants to go for a walk. 🙂

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